9th International Coating and Laminating Congress 2017 | Gent (Belgium)

28 - 29 September 2017 - Gent

Gent - BELGIUM - 28 & 29 September 2017

VENUE | 3SQUARE - Rijvisschestraat 124 - 9052 Zwijnaarde (Belgium)


We cordially invite you to attend the 9th edition of the Textile Coating & Laminating Congress: ‘Re-­‐invent the Textile Coating and Laminating Industry of Tomorrow’ on September 28-­‐29 2017 in Ghent -­‐ Belgium.

During the last decades, too few technological innovations have been realized, with little differences in textile coating and laminating processes and chemistry. Most textile processes, including coating, are often too empirical and still tooh dominated by fundamental craftsmanship. Moreover, there is a growing demand for textile products that have been produced using sustainability operations and for producing products closer to the market with shorter lead times, quicker market response and possibility of smaller batch sizes. Modified or new emerging technologies will change and contribute to rethinking/re-­‐inventing the production chain, using less chemicals, reducing natural resource consumption (water, energy), smart or local deposition of new functionalities ànd applying new chemistry (polymers, additives) will revolutionize the actual coating/laminating industry and will create tailor-made solutions for customers and end-­‐users and new end-­‐uses.

The congress focuses on all you have to know about the state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art, developments, innovations and future prospects for the coating and laminating industry. Don’t miss this international event!


3 Keynote speakers:

• J-­‐F Gribomont -­‐ CEO UTEXBEL (BE)

• J. Tytgat -­‐ Prof. Dr. Ku Leuven (BE)

• G. Vermunicht -­‐ Director Innovation-­‐ VETEX (BE)


DAY 1 - Thursday 28 September

08:30     Registration

09:00 - 12:30     Session I – chairman: M. Vervaecke – Fedustria (BE)

1. Wake-­‐up Call, J-­‐F Gribomont -­‐ UTEXBEL (BE)

2. Toxicology of hazardous industrial chemicals: protection and biomonitoring, J. Tytgat -­‐ KU Leuven (BE)

3. Emerging coating and laminating technologies for the Factory of the Future, M. Van Parys – UNITEX (BE)

4. OC2PUS: solvent-­‐free polyurethane coated technical textiles, G. Vermunicht -­‐ VETEX – (BE)

Coffee break

5. AdphosNIR – NIR-­‐drying technology for instantaneous setting, drying and fixation of textile printing and coating applications, K.K.O. Bär -­‐ Adphos Digital Printing GmbH (DE)

6. Digital technology for the deposition of difficult functional material for technical textiles, A. Hudd -­‐ Alchemie Technology Ltd (UK)

7. Traversing coating measurement and sensors – Process optimization at its best, M. Lisjak, V. Müller -­‐ Pleva GmbH (DE)

8. Environment friendly manufacturing of window fashion materials (e.g. roller blinds, sun screens), F. Goossens -­‐ Faitplast (IT)

12:30     Lunch

14:00 - 18:00     Session II – chairman: S. Verin – Up-­‐Tex (FR)

9. Eco-­‐friendly water and oil repellent and antimicrobial finishes for textiles, D. De Smet -­‐ Centexbel (BE)

10. A real time compounding process system for PU, PVC and latex, A.Schmidt -­‐ Hansa Mixer (DE)

11. Performance Polyol ester plasticizer for Plastisol, A. Magnusson -­‐ Perstorp AB (SE)

12. Silicones for technical textile coatings, M. Bortenschlager, K. Wierer – Wacker AG (DE)

Coffee break

13. Waterbased and reactive hotmelt PU for technical textile applications, E. Mori, D. Dossi -­‐ Novotex Spa (IT)

14. Powder hot melts for technical textiles, G. Vloedgraven, Dakota (BE)

15. Digital coating technology: digital functionalization, T. Naschberger – Zimmer Maschinenbau GmbH (AU)

16. Sprayvolution: new spray-­‐technology for textile application (tbc), P. Stenflo, Baldwin Technology Company (DK)

17. Ultra thin Low Pressure Plasma DWR Coatings – Highest performance for lowest environmental footprint – An answer to REACH restriction on PFOA and PFOS, E. Rogge – Europlasma (BE)

18:00     Walking dinner


DAY 2 - Friday 29 September

09:00 - 12:45     Session III – chairman: J. Laperre – Centexbel (BE)

18. Fun2cork: Functional coatings for cork textiles, J. Silva -­‐ CENTI (PT)

19. Re-­‐Inventing Cool Comfort, A. Carreira – Devan (BE)

20. Energy and light (UV-­‐LED), G. Brieko -­‐ IST Benelux BV (NL)

21. Irradiation coating (UV-­‐LED-­‐EB): the change from wet to dry processes, M. Van Parys – TexZeppelin (BE)

22. Waste air cleaning for the textile coating industry using UVC-­‐ozone technology, D. Boetiger -­‐ MDS Prozesstechnik GmbH (DE)

Coffee break

23. Light-­‐induced anti-­‐microbial textiles with photosensitiser dyes, V. Von Arnim DITF-­‐MR (DE)

24. Luminoptex: eluminating textiles, P. Heyse -­‐ Centexbel (BE)

25. Graphene for functionalization of advanced textiles, B. Wölfling -­‐ Hohenstein (DE), B. Demedts – Centexbel (BE)

26. Decontamination and disinfection of coated and laminated textiles with liquid CO2, T. Verminck -­‐ Decontex (BE)

12:45     Closure

13:00     Lunch



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