ZIMMER AUSTRIA with sites in Klagenfurt and Kufstein has been for many years a worldwide leader among the
producers of machines for textile and carpet finishing (digital printing systems, flat screen and rotary screen printing, coating, steaming, washing, drying).

        ZIMMER AUSTRIA's sites in Klagenfurt (left) and Kufstein (right)

ZIMMER AUSTRIA reaches even the most distant markets and supplies all around the globe owing to a strong and well-developed partner network and cooperation with independent sales and service companies ZIMMER AMERICA and ZIMMER CHINA.

ZIMMER AUSTRIA offers all elements out of one hand:
• complete lines
• high-quality and reliable control systems as well as software
• complete process and application know-how
• service and support


„First in Quality" and „First in Service" - ZIMMER AUSTRIA has been committed to this motto constantly for more than 135 years. Many innovations and pioneering milestones for the textile printing industry have been done by Zimmer over more than a century.

After the Second World War ZIMMER AUSTRIA was re-established in Kufstein (Austria) and the Johannes Zimmer location in Klagenfurt (Austria) was established.

1874   Foundation of Franz Zimmer at Warnsdorf (North Bohemia/ K&K monarchy)
1950   Re-establishment of Zimmer in Kufstein (Austria)
1951   Duplex screen printer
1952   Flat screen printer
1955   Rotary screen printer
1956   Invention of Zimmer magnet system
1960   Establishment of Johannes Zimmer Klagenfurt (Austria)
1962   Magnoroll (high-precision coating machine for technical textiles and fabrics)
1962   Flat screen printer for carpets
1976   Development of digital carpet printing system
2005   ChromoJET 25 dpi (high res. digital carpet printer)
2009   ChromoJET 76 dpi (process color printing)
2010   Colaris for Home Textiles, Fashion, Flags and Banners ...

  Factory Franz Zimmer's Erben A.-G. | Warnsdorf

Zimmer Klagenfurt | Screen Printing and Coating Systems           

Competence Centre ZIMMER Klagenfurt provides all screen printing and coating machines, as well as hot air dryers, heat treatment machines and loop steamers. The lines are adapted, designed and manufactured according to the requirements of our customers.

DELIVERY PROGRAM Zimmer Klagenfurt
•   Rotary screen printing
•   Flat screen printing
•   Coating lines
•   Hot air dryers
•   Heat treatment machines
•   Loop steamers
•   Contract manufacturing

Hall Zimmer Klagenfurt

Zimmer Kufstein | Digital Printing Systems

ZIMMER AUSTRIA Kufstein | Digital Printing Systems is the digital competence centre for textile and carpet printing machines as well as system supplier for carpet coating lines.

Human resources are the core of our success. The Zimmer Academy, our own education division, trains basically mechatronic engineers.

ZIMMER Kufstein develops in its core competence, new fields of digital printing applications within the carpet and textile industries. Our R&D departments for software, jets, prototyping, electronics and controls are focused on continued market leadership.

The manufacturing department is equipped with the most recent CNC machinery and self-developed fabrication

•   ChromoJET - digital printer for pile products
•   BCL - Coating lines for carpets
•   SupraMix - In-line dosing and mixing systems for thickener and chemicals
•   SupraFoam - In-line foam generator with automatic dosing
•   Colaris - Inkjet printing system for all kinds of textiles
•   Colaris-NF - Inkjet printing system for tapes and belts (Narrow Fabrics)
•   Contract manufacturing

                                                  Hall Zimmer Kufstein 

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