2019: A Year of Growth For Digital Printing

TEXTILE WORLD 2019 | Dr. Lisa Parillo Chapman
2019: A Year of Growth For Digital Printing

Excerpt from TEXTILE WORLD (01/02) – www.textileworld.com (Dr. Lisa Parillo Chapman, Technical Editor)

Austria-based ZIMMER AUSTRIA Inc. is a producer of machines for textile and carpet finishing. For special applications that require colorant penetration through the substrate such as carpeting, terry towels, flags, and plush, or heavy automotive and home décor fabrics, ZIMMER offers the COLARIS high-performance pre-treatment, digital printing, and colorant systems. The COLARIS series of printers can be used with a variety of colorants such as reactive, disperse, acid, pigment, and vat. Inline pre- and post-treatment systems can be added to improve print quality and increase ink penetration.

  • MAGNOROLL GMA is used as an inline pre-treatment applicator for lighter to medium-weight fabrics.
  • CHROMOJET (CHR-DPT) is an inline pre-treatment system for medium to heavy substrates such as terry towels, flocked fabrics, velour and carpet.
  • SUPRAPRESS press station is used as a penetration and equalization device to ensure maximum penetration on qualities like carpets or polyester blankets. Products like velour, or even flags and banners, may also benefit from the additional pressing.
  • SUPRAFIX SHS is a combined, horizontal color fixation system using optionally saturated steam, superheated steam or hot air condition according to the amount of ink being used. The fixation activity is controlled by a flow through steam/hot air stream and ensures highest penetration, ink fixation and drying in a single pass at shortest possible time.

Printhead Development

The COLARIS printers can be configured with up to 96 StarFire™ SG1024 compact industrial printheads. Developed by Tokyo-based Fujifilm, the StarFire™ SG1024 printhead is available in three models for COLARIS printers, each with varying drop size capability — the SA model is intended for printing light- and medium-weight home decor, apparel, and flag substrates that can achieve ink penetration with drop sizes ranging from 12 to 35 picoliters; the MA model has capability of 30 to 75 picoliter drops and is best suited for medium-weight carpets velours, terry cloth and low to medium plush piles; and the LA model printhead is capable of 75 to 180 picoliter drop sizes for ink penetration of voluminous substrates such as heavier weight carpet, furs, and plush blankets.

The StarFire™ SG1024 printhead is a compact, self-contained unit built to withstand demanding industrial textile and other applications. The life of the printhead is extended because of the replaceable coated metal nozzle plate and continuous ink recirculation with RediJet™. The printhead is compatible with solvent, ultraviolet-curable and aqueous ink formulations.

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