Newsletter 03/2022

Newsletter 03/2022
COLARIS - The Best Digital Carpet Print Line

COLARIS and CHROMOJET printing systems are the first choice when it comes to carpet and Raschel blanket printing.

ZIMMER AUSTRIA Digital Printing Systems - Floor Covering division is the expert in carpet printing machinery. Our experience covers a span of 6 decades in carpet printing.  The digital printing aera started when ZIMMER introduced the first computer controlled, valve-based jet printer more than 45 years ago. This revolutionary development commenced the success of the CHROMOJET carpet printer generation, which is still available today for specific carpet and other products.

COLARIS carpet printing solution was introduced in 2015 and is the high-resolution printer for today’s market needs.

Ready-made solutions can be provided for a wide range of flooring products, incl. contract and residential carpets, rugs, mats, tiles, made of tufted, nonwoven or even woven PA, PES substrates. Additionally, we provide print lines for wool and acrylic flooring products.

Small to medium tile and mat production in 2.2 m width, even including a web shop integration, or for wall to wall carpets at up to 5.2 m width and a capacity of 4 linear meters a minute – your goal is our challenge. Engineering and manufacturing the print line as per your requirements is the aim. No matter whether you chose us as your general supplier for a complete line, or you want to incorporate existing or domestic machinery in combination with a ZIMMER AUSTRIA digital printer, we offer the most cost-effective solution for your needs.

CHROMOJET and COLARIS print lines from ZIMMER AUSTRIA are the right choice when looking for contract carpet printing or even for automotive, public transport and aeronautic flooring applications.

Both machine generations are working successfully in the market. The CHROMOJET print lines are known for high-capacity production of high pile tufted carpets. The COLARIS print line generation is the high-resolution print option for almost any kind of carpet or blanket substrate. COLARIS can cope with nonwoven PES substrates as well as with low and medium pile tufted carpets of velour or loop construction. The COLARIS model is the first choice of our customers when it comes to printing of heavy weight woven PES or acrylic based carpets.

Dedicated Print Lines are available for.

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