Newsletter 04/2022

Newsletter 04/2022
UK based CAMIRA Print launches a state-of-the-art digital print technology
Newsletter 2022-04_01

CAMIRA Fabrics is a globally leading manufacturer of high-quality seating fabrics for bus and coach interior.

Many years of experience with woven, woolen moquette substrates have put CAMIRA FABRICS into leading position for production of transport fabrics. CAMIRA knowhow, paired with the printing technology available with ZIMMER AUSTRIA, has shown promising results from the beginning of this joint development project. To boost the quality of end-product and to fine tune the needs, CAMIRA has initially invested into a COLARIS.12-1200 laboratory printer together with a post print finishing line from ZIMMER AUSTRIA, allowing them to develop in a near to production environment, at laboratory scale, printed transport fabrics. An intensive optimization process, including modifications in the raw material and search for the best chemistry has proven that the high standards for transport fabrics can be matched with printed wool moquette substrate.

Based on the findings of CAMIRA laboratory team, ZIMMER AUSTRIA Digital Printing Systems has then engineered the most economic process for bulk production of the samples approved.

Within less than one year from placing of order, the complex COLARIS Digital Inkjet Print Line has been designed, manufactured, delivered, installed, and integrated into CAMIRA production facilities. Thanks to a professional team at CAMIRA site and the experience of #teamzimmer the short lead time could be managed, although the pandemic scenario has kept both the customer and ZIMMER under constant tension.

Camira COLARIS print line


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