Successful apprenticeship training at ZIMMER AUSTRIA, since 2001

ZIMMER AUSTRIA: Officially certified „Excellent Tyrolean Apprenticeship Employer“ since 2001
Successful apprenticeship training at ZIMMER AUSTRIA

For more than 60 years, ZIMMER AUSTRIA, the innovative digital competence centre for textile and carpet printing machines, has been offering apprenticeships in Mechanical Engineering and in Mechatronics, and by now also in Textile Chemistry – and all of them with great success. Currently, about half of all apprentices (9 from 19), were able to finish the vocational training school with excellent results, another 6 with good success.



Thomas Mentler, who is responsible for Human Resources at ZIMMER AUSTRIA, is very proud of the title „Excellent Tyrolean Apprenticeship Employer“ awarded continuously since 2001 and of the highly successful apprentices:
„We’re trying to keep the apprenticeship training as practical as possible and to teach our young people to work independently and solution-oriented – of course with all the necessary support from the whole staff.“ Mentler is convinced that „especially in times of higher skill shortages, it is very important to invest in good apprenticeship training in order to stay competitive and innovative.“ And we can rightly claim that the efforts of ZIMMER AUSTRIA are crowned with success.

Besides the excellent results in school, apprentices of ZIMMER AUSTRIA also regularly take part in competitions. This year, our apprentice Benedikt Juffinger even won the federal state’s „TyrolSkills“ Award in Mechatronics (2nd year of apprenticeship). Congratulations!