ZIMMER AUSTRIA Textile Printers in INDIA

The Textile Magazine Oct. 2017
A.T.E. to market ZIMMER AUSTRIA and Union International textile printers in India

In 2014, ZIMMER AUSTRIA and Union International of China joined hands to introduce a flexible digital textile printer with an excellent price-performance ratio. The target: to meet the demand for a printer that can manage different run lengths efficiently, covering small lots for sampling as well as longer batches for regular print production.


Union International has a long history in digital printing. Combining the technical and technological know-how of ZIMMER AUSTRIA, with the efficient manufacturing of Union International, the next generation of digital printers named the COLARIS.INIFINITI series was developed. These models are based on the latest version print heads Seiko SPTI 024GS.

The COLARIS.INIFINITI printers inherit the tradition of COLARIS technology which is well-proven, solid and stable. ZIMMER AUSTRIA contributes all technical support for this project and also has the rights of overseas sales.

A.T.E. has now tied up with ZIMMER AUSTRIA and Union International, for marketing the COLARIS.INIFINITI digital printers in India. With this collaboration, A.T.E. now has the option of offering high-speed digital printers from ZIMMER AUSTRIA, as well as medium speed printers from Union International. All digital printers sold by A.T.E. will be backed by complete aftersales support by its well-trained service team.

ZIMMER AUSTRIA presented the COLARIS.INIFINITI to the international market at the ITMA 2015 exhibition in Milano, Italy. Today there are more than 20 units already installed worldwide.

Colaris Infiniti Union

COLARIS.INFINITI 1800 (reactive)